horrific.dev is a collective organization of individual developers and enthusiasts with a focus on independent services, software, and technology. We advocate for open code, ethical computing, and tools that you control.

Movements that we generally support include:

For a more detailed explanation of our values, see the horrific.dev manifesto.

Current Goals

We are working on getting a hosting service running, as well as writing some scripts and automation to manage it. Once this is complete, we will be able to offer small-scale hosting services and potentially expand our website a little.

The organization needs some general maintenance. We plan to set up a page on Open Collective to manage and track funding. We need to connect social media accounts to a central "mailing list" (which is waiting on the server before it can be set up). We also need to put some work into more clearly defining our values as a group.

Once our members have some free time to relax, we plan to start having bi-weekly meetings in Pittsburgh, PA where we will drink tea and discuss software projects and current events.

Get Involved

There is not currently any form of barrier for entry into our little group. Most of our communications are through a Discord server at the moment, though there are plans to potentially change this in the future.