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Join Horrific.Dev

Our membership options are offered in several “tiers” with varying levels of access and involvement. For most individuals, the “Computing Membership” should provide reliable and intuitive access to most of our services, while the “Core Membership” may be appropriate for more involved parties.

Every membership comes with free access to several “shared” services - including Gitea repositories, a Mastodon account - and just for fun, a community Minecraft server.

Private Beta

Over the next few months, we’ll be testing a variety of hosting offerings for friends and trusted early adopters. If you’re interested in extremely-low-cost web hosting or other services, sign up below and we’ll reach out.

Early adopters will have a chance to help us stress-test our services and are vital to the growth of our indieweb offerings.

Participatory Membership
Zero-cost access to shared services and community involvement.

Computing Membership
Full access to shared services and reliable web hosting at a fair rate.

  • Web Hosting at $7/month per project
  • Automated Deployment Dashboard
  • LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates
  • Uptime Reports & Notifications
  • Weekly Offsite Backups
Core Membership
Direct involvement with the organization, ability to participate and vote in meetings, with shared costs and responsibility.

(contact a current core member for details)